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Twas the week after Christmas (the kids were driving me batty…)

This is a short post dedicated to all parents of kids out of school, and bored.  I know my kids are enjoying their time at home but we also seem to be hosting a couple of other kids that weren’t invite – namely “I didn’t do it” who is a close relation of “Not Me” and “Leea/Benny did it”.  For all of you out there looking for a laugh here is my little ditty for today – not my greatest literary work but hey o well!

Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year.

The Week After Christmas

Twas the week after Christmas,
and all through the house
there was chaos and madness
small fires to douse

When up from the basement
I heard from the den
the call “Maw-me”
from my children once again.

A big sigh and  What now?
I said with a grimace
Got up off my chair and
thought I might need a  Guinness

I descended downstairs
to find all over the floor
toys, movies, mittens, a cup with no lid
1/2 a sandwich, a carrot and bread crumbs galore

What is going on?
I heartily shout!

We’re bored Mom!
the kids vehemently tout!

Seriously – what?
I had to roll my eyes
when does school start again
not for a week I surmise

OK Kids, time for a new game!
Woo Hoo they cry
Happy to start something new
Up they jumped-my Princess & Spy

We’re playing tidy up!
I said with a grin
come on now – don’t groan
Lets see who can win?

Come on! Leea yells- this sucks
Wait- an idea says Ben
for  this you should pay us a couple of bucks!

Not on your life
little lady answers Mom
this is my Christmas too
Quit sitting on your bum!

Its not my mess
nor is it my stuff
 face it kids
enough is enough!

And so as I now sit
in my chair once again,
all order restored
and no more complaints by Leea and Ben.

Happy Christmas to everyone
and  a great New Year too
May your floors be clear
and not filled with sparkly glue!

New Years Eve Baked Brie

1 package of puff pastry – thawed for about 40 min
1 wheel of Brie
Preserves (we use peach)
sliced almonds (or we use chopped pecans)

Roll the pastry out to a square shape.  trim the corners to be rounded.
On the pastry spread the preserves and the nuts.  Cut the rind off of the top of Brie.  Place Brie (rind side down) in centre. Fold up and pinch edges together so it is closed.
Wipe away any excess preserves.  Bake in 425 degree oven for 20 min or until pastry is browned.  Let cool for 20 min before serving.  Slice into to serve. AWESOME.  (pic will be posted later).

From my kitchen to yours – happy & healthy eating 🙂