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Blogging on Blogs: My Top 6

newyearIts New Years Day – welcome 2013!  I contemplated writing a my “top ten” list for  2012 or my new years resolutions etc…. nothing was screaming “write about me!!” (which is good actually – means I’m not hearing voices either), but like most of you out there – I read or peruse various blogs on a daily or weekly basis so I decided to share with you (in no particular order) my favorite blog posts of 2012.

  1.  A great blog entry from my friend Jenny Foster Vaya, owner of Prema Yoga,  (rather amusingly) called “Embrace the Toot”  – entertaining yet informative!
  2. My own (patting self on back, haha) entry “What does Bully-ing mean to you” – because, well its an important subject, a subject to keep in the limelight,  and the entry that according to my site status, my readership engaged with the most.
  3. Ashley Dale Roy, personal trainer and owner of Royally Fit, tells it the way it is, in the only way she knows how (and we love you for it Ash!), straight up with no b***s**t, about healthy eating & weigh loss in her blog entry “Diets Suck“.
  4. The Cocktail Deeva herself, Dee, talks about doing the Edge Walk on the CN Tower, in “Trust Me “– never heard of this?  Me neither! This one was one of my fave’s simply because for a chicken sh*t someone like me who is terrified of heights and won’t even walk on the glass floor of the CN Tower – the reality of someone (on purpose) hanging by a safety line and inching themselves along the platform on the OUTSIDE of the tower (did I mention it was ON PURPOSE) is simply amazing.  Way to go, well done!
  5. Speaking of “Diva’s” lets move on to this entry titled “Pot and Brownies” by Domestic Diva, MD.  First of all the title’s catchy – no?  (if you said no – I say HA! you lie!)I love reading this blog – it not only gives great recipes (there’s one for Gluten Free Brownies in this entry) but her stories surrounding being a Resident (Dr) and meeting with patients make me laugh.   Two thumbs up.
  6. Lastly, really anything by Dana Jackson creator of Hot Pink Apron, in particular “Breaking In Ricotta Gnocchi“,  well maybe because – I love Gnocchi but the gluten in it does not love me so much so I gaze at this one from afar but, wipe the drool off my chin (and the puddle of it off the floor too).

There’s probably more that I just can’t think of off the top of my head – to all of these bloggers, and for those of you who’s blogs I follow up didn’t mention – Happy New Year – make 2013 your year!

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