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This is a family favorite and its Gluten Free to boot!  Feel free to add (left over) cooked broccoli or bell peppers or other veggies to make it your own.  Super simple and delish – without all the processing that … Continue reading

Meatball Bug

First up – I have to admit – this was not my idea  – I found it on pinterest  for the original  recipe/poster from food.com click here.  Recently Pillsbury Crescent Rolls were on sale – not something I typically pick up but I grabbed some.  My kids love my homemade meatballs so I made those up to.  This was so fun and easy!  Next time I would try substituting (cooked) breakfast sausage or hot dogs for the meatballs. This would be a great dish for a little kid’s birthday party as well.  It was Halloween so I added gummi worms to the salad which is totally gross but the kids thought it was fantastic – mom & dad – not so much.

Meatball Bug

  • 1 Package refrigerated biscuits or crescent rolls
  • about 15 meatballs or pieces of hotdog or sausage (cooked)
  • dried chow mien noodles
  • couple of sliced olives
  • salad
  • gummi worms (optional)

Cook meatballs or sausage or hotdogs. Set aside.  Unroll refrigerated biscuits cut in half.  Stretch out the dough and wrap around the meat. Make one slightly bigger to be the head.  Stick the olives on to make a face and 2 chow mien noodles to make antennas.  Stick the chow mien noodles into the rest of the balls to make the legs.

Place on sprayed cookie sheet and bake according to biscuit instructions.

In the meantime – create a salad on a plate.  When the bug is done arrange on salad. enJOY

Forget Hockey – its Taco Night in Canada …

Does everyone’s family love Taco Night as much as ours?  Its guaranteed a hit in our house!  The problem with taco’s is that darn, envelope of sodium err,  Taco Seasoning – Here are my tips on how to make Taco Night more healthy and maybe even stretch your buck a little.

  1. Use Extra Lean Ground Beef and drain off any fat once you have browned it.  Better yet buy local from a farmer.  If you can get beef that (the cow) has not been finished on corn, you won’t get as much fat marbling and will have very little water and fat being released and although you may (or may not) pay a buck more per pound, its worth it  – you get more meat and less water.
  2. Mix a package of Veggie Ground Round with the beef – you will double the bulk and trust me once you add the seasoning no one will know the difference (and you get to sneak in more veggies)
  3. Leave the pre-packaged seasoning at the store and instead add your own mix  -I  use cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, cinnamon, and a dash of chili powder – any combination will do.  To save time – mix up your fave concoction and store in an airtight container.  Use this the same way you would the seasoning, brown meat, drain off fat, add 3/4 c water and seasoning,  simmer.
  4. Add black beans to your meat. Increase the fibre and the protein!
  5. Add some frozen corn to the meat – again will bulk it up and add a veggie to the mix.
  6. In place of a store bought salsa or pico di gallo, dice up tomatoes & red onion, mix with some cilantro and fresh lime juice (this is also great on a salad instead of a dressing).
  7. Mash some avocado or serve it sliced in place of sour cream.
  8. Serve with a side salad  – make it fun a lettuce base (also to be added to tacos) and then let the family top their salad with the taco toppings.
  9. Can’t get the kids to buy into veggies?  Shred some carrots right into the meat after browning (also works in lasagna).
  10. Have left over chicken ? Heat it with the seasoning and a bit of water and simmer and have chicken tacos instead of beef.

Its also fun to have a contest to see who can make the most colourful tacos from the toppings being served.

As always enJOY.

  1. Have a contest to see who can make the most colourful taco

Twas the week after Christmas (the kids were driving me batty…)

This is a short post dedicated to all parents of kids out of school, and bored.  I know my kids are enjoying their time at home but we also seem to be hosting a couple of other kids that weren’t invite – namely “I didn’t do it” who is a close relation of “Not Me” and “Leea/Benny did it”.  For all of you out there looking for a laugh here is my little ditty for today – not my greatest literary work but hey o well!

Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year.

The Week After Christmas

Twas the week after Christmas,
and all through the house
there was chaos and madness
small fires to douse

When up from the basement
I heard from the den
the call “Maw-me”
from my children once again.

A big sigh and  What now?
I said with a grimace
Got up off my chair and
thought I might need a  Guinness

I descended downstairs
to find all over the floor
toys, movies, mittens, a cup with no lid
1/2 a sandwich, a carrot and bread crumbs galore

What is going on?
I heartily shout!

We’re bored Mom!
the kids vehemently tout!

Seriously – what?
I had to roll my eyes
when does school start again
not for a week I surmise

OK Kids, time for a new game!
Woo Hoo they cry
Happy to start something new
Up they jumped-my Princess & Spy

We’re playing tidy up!
I said with a grin
come on now – don’t groan
Lets see who can win?

Come on! Leea yells- this sucks
Wait- an idea says Ben
for  this you should pay us a couple of bucks!

Not on your life
little lady answers Mom
this is my Christmas too
Quit sitting on your bum!

Its not my mess
nor is it my stuff
 face it kids
enough is enough!

And so as I now sit
in my chair once again,
all order restored
and no more complaints by Leea and Ben.

Happy Christmas to everyone
and  a great New Year too
May your floors be clear
and not filled with sparkly glue!

New Years Eve Baked Brie

1 package of puff pastry – thawed for about 40 min
1 wheel of Brie
Preserves (we use peach)
sliced almonds (or we use chopped pecans)

Roll the pastry out to a square shape.  trim the corners to be rounded.
On the pastry spread the preserves and the nuts.  Cut the rind off of the top of Brie.  Place Brie (rind side down) in centre. Fold up and pinch edges together so it is closed.
Wipe away any excess preserves.  Bake in 425 degree oven for 20 min or until pastry is browned.  Let cool for 20 min before serving.  Slice into to serve. AWESOME.  (pic will be posted later).

From my kitchen to yours – happy & healthy eating 🙂