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Avacodo & Feta Taco. Its quick – Its Gluten-Free – Its Delicious and its Easy!

Its summer time and no one wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when there’s sunshine to enjoy!

IMG_20140716_150654 IMG_20140716_150703 TacoThis is an old favorite of mine.  Simply easy and delicious – best of all takes about 5 min to make and very little mess to clean up. This is a vegetarian taco-like sandwich using an unconventional filling.

Makes 1 sandwich.

  • 1 Corn Tortilla
  • 1/2 avacado
  • 1-2 TB red onion
  • 1 oz feta cheese
  • salt & pepper
  • cilantro (optional)

Heat a non stick pan over high heat.  Place corn tortilla (you can usually find them in the refrigerated area at your supermarket), in the hot pan.

Meanwhile chop the avocado & onion.  Flip the tortilla over in the pan (it will be crispy on the side that was fave down and a little browned).  Crumble the feta on the tortilla, add onion and avocado.  Sprinkle with  salt and pepper and cilantro if using.  (You can also add tomatoes or some cooked fish like mahi mahi ).   Heat for a couple min until you can peak at the bottom of the tortilla and see that it is browned.  enJOY.

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Outta the mouths (for the mouths) of babes!

recipeI found this recipe written by my 8 year old daughter sitting on the dining table this morning. Looks like she’s  on the way to a full fledged foodie like her Mom!

In case you can’t read it – here are her recipes (2 of them – she’s written more and came up with a delish veggie salad as well but that’s for another post)  – could be influenced by a recipe book – or more likely the Food Network, that kid loves any cooking show! Especially Chopped and Top Chef!


Crazy Cucumbers

  • thinly sliced cucumber
  • thinly sliced carrot
  • raisins
  • cream cheese
  • chives

Spread cream cheese on cucumber.  Add carrots and raisins.  Roll it all up and tie it with a chive.

Inside Out Sandwiches

Mini Me Foodie

Mini Me Foodie

  • breadstick
  • mustard
  • thinly sliced cucumber
  • thinly sliced red pepper
  • turkey slices

Spread mustard on turkey slice.  Add rest of ingredients, ending with the breadstick.  Roll it up. EnJoy


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Get Spicy with Spicy Remoulade & Spicy ‘Slaw

I’m starting this post out with an apology for the delay between posts – you know how it goes – sometimes life just gets away from you!  But have no fear I am back (do you hear and ominous voice in your head  saying “Be afraid – be very afraid”?) and ready to blog so lets get to it!

As some of my readers know I love southern food, one of the classic things I like about summer – southern food is Spicy Slaw (Coleslaw).  This recipe is my favorite – in fact my 7 year old and I had a argument about who was getting the last bit of slaw when we had it last!  My version features spicy version of classic Remoulade classic southern sauce) mixed  with shredded cabbage, carrots and onion, but also is great as a chip dip or dip for Fish Cakes, such as my Catfish Cakes.

We eat everything quite spicy, and this sauce is no exception, however you can play with the heat level by reducing the hot sauce added.  Pictured with the only Gluten Free Beer I have found that actually tastes like a lager and is GOOD!  (Thank you Bard’s!)

Spicy Slaw

spicy slaw served with fishcakes

  • Shredded Cabbage, Carrot s & Onion (or use broccoli slaw)
  • Remoulade Sauce






Remoulade Sauce

remoulade ingredients

  • 1/2 cup mayo
  • 1 tsp Horseradish (we use hot)
  • 1-2 tsp hot sauce (Franks or Louisiana Sauce)
  • 2 TB Creole Mustard
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 – 2 TB (kosher is better) dill pickle juice (or vinegar)
  • 1-2 tsp Andy Roo’s Creole Seasonings

Now first off, if you look at my photo carefully (sorry was taken with my phone – seem to have misplaced my camera) I actually used Dijon mustard – on account of I was out of creole mustard (better place an order with Mississippi Queen Foods yikes!) but still wanted spicy slaw.   In any case, add all ingredients to a small bowl, and combine (I use a mini whisk) and refrigerate for a min of 30 min to let the flavours come together.  Add generously to the cabbage/carrots and serve.  P.S. this is awesome to dip your french fries into as well!

This will keep in the fridge for up to a week – but good luck making it last that long.   enJoy!

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Fly Me Away to the Pub – Gluten Free Wings & Pub Grub (Supper on a Budget Part 3)

Whether you are hoisting a pint or not – who doesn’t love going to the pub for some good ‘ol “pub grub”?

For this edition of my supper on a budget (see my past posts of Part 1 and Part 2) we are visiting pub grub…. more specifically wings.  I love wings, unfortunately most wing places flour their wings (regardless if  they bread them)  – which for the most part make them off limits to me because of the gluten.  This recipe is my kids absolute favourite wings and do not contain ketchup or tomato which some recipes do.  Its been said nothing on the internet is completely new and its true – I adapted my recipe from this one.

On the menu:  Sticky Wings, Salad, Oven “chips” and carrots and celery sticks.   (fed 2 adults, 2 kids +left overs)


  • 1KG wings                                      $7.70
  • Gluten Free All Purpose Flour  $0.50
  • celery & carrot sticks & salad    $2.50
  • Potatoes for “chips”                     $1.00
  • oil  & spices & marinade             $2.00
  •                                          Total       $13.70
  •                        cost per person       $3.43

Fly Me Away to the Pub – Gluten Free Wings & Pub Grub

sticky chicken wings pub grub dinner

Sticky Wings

  • 1 KG chicken wings – split and tipped
  • 2 eggs – beaten
  • 1 cup all purpose gluten free flour (I use a rice based one)
  • 1 – 2 TB your fave BBQ Rub (we use JIYK Classic)
  • 1/8 -1/4 c vegetable oil
  • 2 TB soy sauce (reduced sodium) (check for wheat)
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1/4 c water
  • 1/4 c white vinegar
  • 1/2 c sugar (or use Maple Syrup or Honey)
  • like hot wings?  optional:  hot sauce to taste or omit sugar and add 1/2 c Sweet Heat Mango Trinidad Style hot sauce

To tip and split the wings – use kitchen shears, as you split them dunk in the eggs, then dredge in flour mixed with BBQ Rub. Allow to “dry” for a minute, repeat.

Heat oil in a deep saute pan over med high heat. Place wings in hot oil for 1 min per side until browned. (They will not be cooked). Once browned, removed from pan and place in sprayed casserole dish.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a bowl or (I use a 2 cup measuring cup), mix, hot sauce (if using) with vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and whisk well (beware the sugar is harder to mix in).  Pour marinade over wings, place in oven for 1 hour.  After 20-30 min, flip wings over in sauce.

Oven “Chips”

fries baked

  • 2-3 White Potatoes – sliced very thin.
  • 1 -2 TB EVOO or Vegetable Oil.
  • 1 TB BBQ Rub

Slice potatoes thinly, toss with oil and BBQ Rub, place on cookie sheet in oven with wings for last 40 minutes.  Once wings are removed from oven, broil chips for 2 min.  Serve & enJOY.

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A Canadian Take on Hot German Potato Salad – eh….

Hot German Potato Salad

bacon, potatoes Want something a little different on your Holiday Buffet?  How about Hot German Potato Salad?  So good – we like horseradish here so I like to add a healthy dollop of it (to taste) but its not a requirement! I also have modified my original recipe and switched out some of the (if your British “Streaky Bacon”) regular bacon with peameal bacon. (Wondering what the h – e – double-hockey-sticks peameal bacon is? – first of all No, it’s not “Canadian Bacon” – that breakfast ham pretending to be bacon- crap is what we call “back bacon” up here  (eh!) peameal bacon is rolled in cornmeal – and is slightly sweeter than regular bacon and less fatty – but still from the belly of the pig (back bacon is more like ham than bacon – for more info visit the Republic Of Bacon site & click here)    Sometimes I substitute cider vinegar for the white vinegar in this recipe as well. I was making this for an event so was making a LOT of it, (read 23 LB of potatoes!) and made 2 large full chafing dishes of it,  since you probably are not serving that many, I have reduced this recipe by 1/2, but it will still serve 10-15 people as a side on a buffet. This can be made ahead and heated up in an oven at 350 for about 1 hour previous to serving. (It also makes a great alternative to mashed potatoes!)

Hot German Potato Salad

  •  5 LB White Potatoes (Russets DO NOT work well in this recipe)
  • 3 LB New potatoes – try using the mini red potatoes for color.
  • 1 LB regular bacon chopped
  • 1/2-1LB peameal bacon chopped
  • 1-2 cups chopped red onion (to taste)
  • 1 cups white sugar (you can use less if you wish)
  • 1 cup white vinegar *can substitute cider vinegar here
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp prepared (yellow) mustard
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper (or hot sauce to taste)
  • optional – horseradish to taste
  • optional – dill pickles chopped into large pieces


  1. available on catering menuIn a large pot – boil peeled and chopped white potatoes, once white potatoes have been boiled for about 5-6 minutes add the unpeeled washed red potatoes (whole) and cook until tender.
  2. german potato salad - bacon cookingMeanwhile add all chopped bacon (use kitchen scissors to chop) to hot frying pan (use a deep pan) and cook until regular bacon is done but not overly crispy . DO NOT drain grease.  Add chopped onions and saute for a few minutes until onions are soft.
  3. In a bowl whisk together eggs, cayenne, salt, mustard, sugar and vinegar. Beat well.
  4. german potato salad - sauceAdd egg/vinegar mixture to the bacon mixture in hot pan, over med heat, simmer until thickened (important or else your potato salad will be soupy).
  5. Your potatoes, should be done, drain and mash until, chunky-smooth (red potatoes will be slightly less done). Add horseradish and pickles if using.
  6. bacon, potatoesAdd bacon mixture to potato pot (if you have enough room – if not use a large bowl) and mix. Adjust seasoning to taste. enJOY


Meatball Bug

First up – I have to admit – this was not my idea  – I found it on pinterest  for the original  recipe/poster from click here.  Recently Pillsbury Crescent Rolls were on sale – not something I typically pick up but I grabbed some.  My kids love my homemade meatballs so I made those up to.  This was so fun and easy!  Next time I would try substituting (cooked) breakfast sausage or hot dogs for the meatballs. This would be a great dish for a little kid’s birthday party as well.  It was Halloween so I added gummi worms to the salad which is totally gross but the kids thought it was fantastic – mom & dad – not so much.

Meatball Bug

  • 1 Package refrigerated biscuits or crescent rolls
  • about 15 meatballs or pieces of hotdog or sausage (cooked)
  • dried chow mien noodles
  • couple of sliced olives
  • salad
  • gummi worms (optional)

Cook meatballs or sausage or hotdogs. Set aside.  Unroll refrigerated biscuits cut in half.  Stretch out the dough and wrap around the meat. Make one slightly bigger to be the head.  Stick the olives on to make a face and 2 chow mien noodles to make antennas.  Stick the chow mien noodles into the rest of the balls to make the legs.

Place on sprayed cookie sheet and bake according to biscuit instructions.

In the meantime – create a salad on a plate.  When the bug is done arrange on salad. enJOY

No Labour Here – 2 Labour Day Simply Colourful Salads


Its Labour Day Weekend, which is kinda funny since the last thing I want to do on Labour Day is – you know labour! Not in the work sense (or the have a baby sense either lol) … here are 2 of my Colourful Salads – easy to make – Non-Labour intensive – Labour Day Salads.

Cauliflower-Tomato Salad

This is so easy to throw together at the last minute and a family fave.  I used a purple cauliflower that I picked up at the farmers market but a regular one is just as good.  I also made my dressing from 1TB cider vinegar, 1 tsp oregano, 1/2 tsp Dijon Mustard and  4 tsp EVOO, but a bottled Italian dressing works perfectly too!)

  •   1/2 head of cauliflower (I used purple but any cauliflower will do)
  •   2-3 Ripe Tomatoes (I used yellow heirloom & red roma`s)
  •   1/4-1/2 small purple onion (sliced thin) – optional
  •   Green or Black Olives – optional
  •   Oil & Vinegar or Italian style dressing to suit.

Mix dressing. Clean cauliflower*, and rinse tomatoes, cut both into bite sized chunks, add to bowl, add the rest of ingredients & dress salad. Best if you let it sit for 15 min for dressing to mix.

* best way to clean cauliflower (or broccoli) – fill a bowl with warm water and add a dash of salt to it – cut up vegetable and pop into the salted water, let soak for 5-10 min, drain (rinse if you want), the salt will draw out any bugs hiding out in the florets.

Best Black Bean-Tomato-Avocado Salad

This is another fave – you can cut salt by soaking your black beans, however a can of black beans rinsed will work wonderfully and rinsing the liquid will both cut the salt & the flatulence factor.

  •    1 (28 oz) can black beans – drained & rinsed
  •    2-3 Firm Tomatoes (I use roma`s)
  •    1/2 red/purple onion, sliced thinly or diced
  •    2 avocados – peeled, pitted and cut into chunks
  •    juice of 1 lime
  •    cilantro to taste (dried about 1 Tsp, fresh – a handful)
  •    salt & pepper to taste

This is best made just previous to serving to prevent the avocado from browning (although the acidity in the lime juice also helps prevent this as well).  Place drained and rinsed black beans in a bowl, add tomatoes, onion, and avocados. Mix together. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice* over the bean mixture. Add the cilantro and S&P. Mix again, let sit 5 minutes before serving. (tightly wrap plastic wrap over the top  so there is no air getting in if letting sit for longer).

* hint:  roll lime (lemon or orange) over counter top previous to juicing and you will yield more juice.


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12 Ways to Keep Cool

Excuse my long absence! I’ve been busy vending at several festivals, farmers markets, taping a couple TV shows and receiving awards!  Whew!
A short one today to get back on the blog writing Imagebandwagon.

Is your weather is anything like ours (there is a heat alert out here in the GTA in Ontario) you want to stay cool, cool, cool. Here are a couple of ideas that won’t break your bank account and will help you get thru the humidity.

  1. Find a friend with a pool. Stay hydrated! Drink water – even when you aren’t thirsty.
  2. Find a friend with a cottage.  Open a water bottle and drink a gulp or two, replace lid and put into freezer – this will help you bottle of water stay cold longer when out in the heat and prevent it from misshaping the bottle so it will stay standing up.
  3. Sneak into your neighbors pool when they aren’t there – they won’t mind … really Freeze chunks of watermelon, grapes, strawberries or other fruit.  Use these as thirst quenchers instead of freezies or ice cream.
  4. Drink lots of cold wine.  Add frozen berries/fruit to your wine or beverage to keep it cold instead of ice – this will also prevent a white wine from a bitter aftertaste when ice/water in introduced to it.
  5. Sprinklers/watertables, kids pools are all kid friendly alternatives to a swimming pool when its hot and kids love them (so do hot adults after glass or two of wine)
  6. Fill a thermos jug full of cold margaritas  water  and bring it out to the backyard so adults kids don’t have to stop playing to get a drink.
  7. Wear a hat, scared of looking like a dork?  Too bad you’ll look more like a dork for passing out from heat stoke because you were too scared to mess up your hair.
  8. I have really thick curly hair – when its hot like this – I rinse it with extra cold water and put it wet up in a bun – I stay cooler at the farmers markets or outdoor events that I am vending at.
  9. Seek shade when you can.
  10. no AC?, try placing a tray of ice cube in front of a fan.
  11. Try Yoga style –  cooling breathes. curl your tongue and just short burst of breath to breath in.
  12. Barbecue as much as you can! Take the cooking out doors!
  13. EnJOY