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12 Ways to Keep Cool

Excuse my long absence! I’ve been busy vending at several festivals, farmers markets, taping a couple TV shows and receiving awards!  Whew!
A short one today to get back on the blog writing Imagebandwagon.

Is your weather is anything like ours (there is a heat alert out here in the GTA in Ontario) you want to stay cool, cool, cool. Here are a couple of ideas that won’t break your bank account and will help you get thru the humidity.

  1. Find a friend with a pool. Stay hydrated! Drink water – even when you aren’t thirsty.
  2. Find a friend with a cottage.  Open a water bottle and drink a gulp or two, replace lid and put into freezer – this will help you bottle of water stay cold longer when out in the heat and prevent it from misshaping the bottle so it will stay standing up.
  3. Sneak into your neighbors pool when they aren’t there – they won’t mind … really Freeze chunks of watermelon, grapes, strawberries or other fruit.  Use these as thirst quenchers instead of freezies or ice cream.
  4. Drink lots of cold wine.  Add frozen berries/fruit to your wine or beverage to keep it cold instead of ice – this will also prevent a white wine from a bitter aftertaste when ice/water in introduced to it.
  5. Sprinklers/watertables, kids pools are all kid friendly alternatives to a swimming pool when its hot and kids love them (so do hot adults after glass or two of wine)
  6. Fill a thermos jug full of cold margaritas  water  and bring it out to the backyard so adults kids don’t have to stop playing to get a drink.
  7. Wear a hat, scared of looking like a dork?  Too bad you’ll look more like a dork for passing out from heat stoke because you were too scared to mess up your hair.
  8. I have really thick curly hair – when its hot like this – I rinse it with extra cold water and put it wet up in a bun – I stay cooler at the farmers markets or outdoor events that I am vending at.
  9. Seek shade when you can.
  10. no AC?, try placing a tray of ice cube in front of a fan.
  11. Try Yoga style –  cooling breathes. curl your tongue and just short burst of breath to breath in.
  12. Barbecue as much as you can! Take the cooking out doors!
  13. EnJOY

Celebrate Mother’s Day – Meet Owen & Joy’s Spicy Bloody Ceaser

To Moms of all kinds out there (yes, of furry kids too).

Happy Mother’s Day
To honour the theme of Mother’s Day (and the time in the evening!) I wanted to share one of my dear friend’s story’s with you.  She and I met at playdates when our oldest daughter’s were babies and have both gone on to have boys after – myself in 2007 and Owen, Andrea & Matt’s son, Little bro to Mia, was born in August of 2010.  The girls  are still little buddies and  share playdates with the boys.   The kids all love it especially Owen.  Owen is sunny and sweet and absolutely special. And, you see Owen is special, he’s one of 200 people worldwide diagnosed with Kleefstra Syndrome , a deletion on his 9th chromosome.  This is Owen.


No one can say it better than the Mom, so I have copied and pasted her post on the Facebook group “Help Owen Get To Texas” below as well as the link.

Since she created this group on Friday of last week (May10) there have been several more fundraisers* added on – please take a peak!  In addition, Andrea & Matt are in the midst of setting up an account for any cash donations you may wish to give.

Please repost this link and spread the awareness about Kleefstra Syndrome.

A word from Andrea:


He was diagnosed #124 in the world in Nov 2010. He is non-verbal, can only have pureed/thickened liquids, aspiration issues, chronic pneumonia, non-mobile (uses a walker/wheelchair), global developmental delay, heart murmur. The genes he is missing seem to have their parts in most areas of development unfortunately. He is currently at a12-15 month old level and will be 3 in August. He is working so hard in therapy. I have just resigned from my work as a daycare supervisor, to help him full time to get him as far as we can for school in Sept. 2013. He is a ridiculously happy funny kid, they say the personality is part of the syndrome, but I refuse to believe that. I think he is just awesome all on his own.

The weekend of Pct 12 there is a North American meet up of Kleefstra families. That on it’s own is amazing as there are so few of us scattered all over the world, seeing other KS kids period is cool and talking to other parents who understand is something I am so looking forward to. In addition Dr. Kleefstra will come if enough families are going. She is based at a university in the Netherlands and is the only doc researching O’s syndrome, meeting her would be amazing AND he could participate in her research, she also offers advice. She often goes to the meet ups in the UK, but has never been to North America. Texas was picked as the location because there is a special needs amusmant park   (All the rides are accessible etc.)

Join  the Help Owen Get To Texas facebook group.

* myself nor my business, Joy In Your Kitchen(JIYK)/joyskitchen  does not endorse or receive renumberation from any of the products nor fundraisers involved.

And now on to the recipes! (This is a food blog after all – right?). Tonight since I got to relax all day for Mother’s Day – I thought I would blog on of both my moms, and my favorite sipping cocktail. The Bloody Caeser – Often imitated never duplicated!  So with that – Cheers to all the Mom’s out there!

Joy’s Bloody Ceaser (spicy).

A couple of notes here – yes use a Clam Cocktail (Mott’s is the most popular here in Canada – not sure where carries what brands), Clamato juice NOT tomato juice a Bloody Mary – does not a Ceaser make! .
Celery Salt in a dish or rimmer
1 lime wedge & juice
1 lemon wedge & juice
2 ice cubes
5 shakes cayenne pepper sauce
7 shakes Worcestershire sauce
6 oz Clam Cocktail – well chilled
1.5 oz vodka of your choice
My secret ingredient (optional – but really just try it!) a splash of kosher pickle juice (yes you read that right – I said pickle juice – any will do really but I like the kosher style the best).

Run lemon (or lime) wedge over rim of glass.  Rim the glass in the celery salt.  Add 2 ice cubes, the juice of both the lime and lemon, add the rest of the ingredients, ending with the Clamato Juice.  enJOY!

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