Joy Vogel-Lahti, is a vivacious entrepreneur that loves to laugh and promote happiness and healthiness. She is also a wife and above all a mom and a champion of women, children and seniors. She chooses to live life to the fullest and embrace the challenges that life throws her way, then constructively learn & share those experiences with others. Joy strongly believes that when children and young adults are taught respect of others and selves, and are nurtured in a positive and encouraging environment they grow into confident teens and adults that can embrace all life’s choices and offerings. Self confident and self-assured pre teens and teens are better emotionally equipped to recognize and resist peer pressure and can be the communities greatest advocates against racism, homophobia and bullying.

Joy feels that in today’s world of “too little time” there is a lack of nutrition and education surrounding nutrition and exercise and living well.  If we are as a society going to beat obesity,  and the rise of diabetes, especially in our youth and seniors sectors, there needs to be better choices out there and more education about them.

Joy is the owner of “Joy In Your Kitchen”, a food services company that helps families make meal times both nutritional and convenient by offering a product line of homemade nutritional foods, fully cooked and delivered frozen. She also offers Teach Me to Cook lessons for preteens to the young at heart.

Joy is a self-taught cook – extraordinaire,  a public speaker and lives in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada with her husband, children and dog.

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  1. Great recipes from what I’ve just stumbled upon. I was searching for a place in Durham region that sold andouille sausage (I need it for my jambalaya). Your website popped up. I was surprised to see that there is someone in Oshawa that knows what I’m talking about! I am a southern girl and wonder how you know what you know living up here! Even if your not from the south…please yell back at me:) Rach


    • Hey there – I don’t actually sell the andouille sausage but I do have a hook up for you …which is also where I’ve learned so mush southern “stuff”. Damn – I just I held a Mardi Gras fundraiser in Feb (yes before Fat Tues) and you could have come out for a full on southern meal! Along with that – my hookup – aka otherwise know as a friend & fellow business owner, southern transplant & proveyer of all things southern, was there and hosting a booth of southern groceries & other items! Not sure if she came up in your search or not but Check Mississippi Queen Foods I’ve learned all my southern from being friends with and working with her. Check us out at the Blues Festivals at the Catfish Shack (just look for the hungry crowd wait’n on blackened catfish, buttermilk, red beans & rice, gumbo and cornbread 🙂 Yep – we’re the “quiet” ones with the flowers in our hair – I’m on the heckling the crowd and she’s the one blackening catfish in heels and dancing out back! I love andouille but you are right its hard to get up here – check Connie’s site out – and until then – if you are in dier need I may be influenced to part with some of my Taso that I have in my freezer 😉 ….


  2. Mardi Gras…blues fest…Mississippi AND catfish!!! Where have I been!.I gotta find this Catfish Shack and your Ole’ Miss! I’ll check out her website now!.Glad to meet ya! I got a big wood fired smoker that I cook on when the weathers right. I’d love to combine some recipes on it. But do you know where I can get a descent smoked sausage? I might have to go with turkey saugage because of the crowd i’ll be feeding.


  3. Many thanks for sharing this fantastic post. Please keep up this website as it’s one of my favorite page in my reader, thanks.


  4. Thanks like your About | Blogging from Joy's Kitchen


  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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