Dijon Vinaigrette Quinoa and Veggie Wrap (v, gf)

an essential lifestyle

Well hello lovely friends!  Today we’re on a roll!  Woke up early (thank you, Olivia and Lucas…), ate a healthy breakfast, got in a smidge of housekeeping, hustled it to the gym and got in a great workout.  So I decided to extend this productivity and period of good health through lunch!  However, was a tad hungrier than usual due to my workout so wanted something really satisfying…honestly a salad just wouldn’t cut it.  So I chef’d this up and thought it yummy enough to share!  Plus vegan/gluten-free sandies in general are like a unicorn…so hard to find a yummy one it seems.  Let me know if you like it!

Veggie Wrap III

Makes one serving.


  • ½ – 1 cup cooked quinoa (I prefer the Rainbow Blend just ‘cause it’s pretty)
  • Sprouted grain tortillas or other gf wrap (I prefer the Food for Life “Ezekiel 4:9” new mexico style sprouted grain wrap –…

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