Summer Suppers – Sammies Top 10

Over the last month here in Ontario, we’ve had some really humid days – heat alerts  – you know the ones – the -when-I-walk-out-the-door-it-feels-like-someone-is-standing-on-my-chest humidity so cooking inside went out the window, but it was still so hot we didn’t feel like any thing hot… enter our favorite summer standby – sammies!  We love all kinds of sammies – here are pics of most, and our families top 10 sammies of the summer.  Also some great ideas for school lunches!

Top 10  Summer and School Sammies

Here’s our top 10 in no particular order:

1.  Benny’s #1 – Salami & Cheese Classic

My 5 year old’s standby – sometimes he mixes it up with a toasted english muffin instead of bread but this is it.

  • 2 Slices Light Rye Bread – toasted lightly & buttered, thinly sliced farmers cheese (marble), 2 slices Genoa Salami (mild), served cut in half  … pleases him every time. hint: change out the mild for hot to spice it up!

Best Bacon & Tomato GF (6)2.  Mamma’s Grilled Bacon & Cheese with Jalapeno hot sauce

This one is my favorite way of eating a grilled cheese! Check out my bread – its Gluten & Dairy Free – and tastes LIKE bread!! Real Bread!  (My fellow gluten intolerant peeps know what I’m talking about)  The Gluten Free Cookery is a local wholesaler that supplies to some the shops and restaurants around.

IMG_000008883.  Turkey: Take 1-The Plain Jane Leea

Sometimes we need to go back to the classics – my 7 year old daughter, Leea,  has this at her Nana’s and sometimes wants the “plain Jane” at home too.

  • Rye bread, buttered (crust removed), (gluten free/preservative free) sliced turkey breast deli meat.

lunch wrap4.  Turkey Take 2 – All Dressed Up

  • Gluten Free Multigrain Bread , lightly toasted & buttered (or on a wrap), served with sliced tomato, sliced avocado, red onion, provalone and a bit of mayo…

5.  Vegan Veggie Delight

  • This vegan sandwich is filling and a fave in my catering menu.  Roasted butternut squash (or use Baked Sweet Potato), mixed with barbecue sauce (I use my own BBQ Joy) and topped with crunchy cabbage rolled in a pita – sounds weird but delish – try it!

6.  Peanut Butter & Banana

  • Who can resist this childhood classic?  For an extra special bit of yum-o factor add some Nutella & enjoy!

7.  Mamma’s the Hero Sandwich

  • My take on a hero sandwich:  slightly toasted bread or bun of choice, add left over roasted chicken or turkey, tomato, red onion, hummus, dill pickles, bacon or salami, a little bit of mayo and some Sweet Heat Mango hot sauce.  OMG – so good.

8.  Hard Boiled Egg Wrap

  • Being gluten intolerant I often have a dish of hard boiled eggs in the fridge for snacks, so this is a quick and easy lunch for me. (see my previous post on our fave ways to eat eggs)  I use brown rice tortillas but for those of you that can eat gluten, a wheat tortilla works just as well.  The sandwich is easy – chop some hard boiled egg,  marble (farmers) cheese, Sweet  and red onion –  spread some Heat Mango Hot Sauce on tortilla, add filling, wrap – enJoy.

9.  Western

Great way to use up left over ham!, Chopped ham, onion and peppers, slightly sauteed then added to scrambled eggs while cooking, serve on toast. Yummy.  Vegetarian Variation:  swap out the ham and peppers for spinach, feta and garlic.

IMG_00000270 IMG_0000076110.  Tuna Salad (or Chicken Salad)

One of the favorite days at the daycare I cater for is “sandwich day”, the range of sandwiches changes but the top 3 are grilled cheese, and tuna or chicken salad.  The way the kiddos like it?  Tuna (or chopped left over chicken), mayo white onion – shredded, shredded zucchini(for tuna) or shredded carrots(for chicken) and about half as much Ranch Dressing as mayo. Salt & Pepper to taste.  Mix and serve on whole wheat.

Like these suggestions?  Don’t forget to like this post!  What’s your fave sammie?  Let me know!  I love comments, guest posts and suggestions!



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