12 Ways to Keep Cool

Excuse my long absence! I’ve been busy vending at several festivals, farmers markets, taping a couple TV shows and receiving awards!  Whew!
A short one today to get back on the blog writing Imagebandwagon.

Is your weather is anything like ours (there is a heat alert out here in the GTA in Ontario) you want to stay cool, cool, cool. Here are a couple of ideas that won’t break your bank account and will help you get thru the humidity.

  1. Find a friend with a pool. Stay hydrated! Drink water – even when you aren’t thirsty.
  2. Find a friend with a cottage.  Open a water bottle and drink a gulp or two, replace lid and put into freezer – this will help you bottle of water stay cold longer when out in the heat and prevent it from misshaping the bottle so it will stay standing up.
  3. Sneak into your neighbors pool when they aren’t there – they won’t mind … really Freeze chunks of watermelon, grapes, strawberries or other fruit.  Use these as thirst quenchers instead of freezies or ice cream.
  4. Drink lots of cold wine.  Add frozen berries/fruit to your wine or beverage to keep it cold instead of ice – this will also prevent a white wine from a bitter aftertaste when ice/water in introduced to it.
  5. Sprinklers/watertables, kids pools are all kid friendly alternatives to a swimming pool when its hot and kids love them (so do hot adults after glass or two of wine)
  6. Fill a thermos jug full of cold margaritas  water  and bring it out to the backyard so adults kids don’t have to stop playing to get a drink.
  7. Wear a hat, scared of looking like a dork?  Too bad you’ll look more like a dork for passing out from heat stoke because you were too scared to mess up your hair.
  8. I have really thick curly hair – when its hot like this – I rinse it with extra cold water and put it wet up in a bun – I stay cooler at the farmers markets or outdoor events that I am vending at.
  9. Seek shade when you can.
  10. no AC?, try placing a tray of ice cube in front of a fan.
  11. Try Yoga style –  cooling breathes. curl your tongue and just short burst of breath to breath in.
  12. Barbecue as much as you can! Take the cooking out doors!
  13. EnJOY

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