Bullying – what does it mean to you? and No Bullies about it- Roasted Chicken 2 ways

Bullying.  Its a hot topic and a media buzz word right now. But what does it mean to you?  Your kids?  Does it mean the same thing?  Have you asked them?  After a conversation with another mom about what we considered bullying verses – in both our cases the other parent/caregiver did not consider it anything but “its just what kids do”, I thought I would have a conversation about it with my kids, aged 6 and 4 and see what they thought.
Question (s) posed:  “If one classmate/friend says that they don’t want to be your friend because you don’t want to do the same thing as them – is that “just being mean when your mad” or is it being a “bully” ?  How about if that classmate won’t let you play with them or others  because you don’t agree with them?  Wear different kinds of clothes than them?  Look different than them?  Just because they decide that you are different or not allowed (no reasons given)?
 After assuring them that there is no right or wrong answer I asked them for their feedback (i.e.Yes – that was bullying or No, not bullying – just being mean or mad”).   The kids (both) thought that in all cases this was bullying except if they said they didn’t want to play/be friends because you wanted to play something different”.    The end result was that there is a very fine line between “being mean” and bullying – I strongly feel that “being mean but just a kid being a kid” can lead to full on physical and emotional  bullying as they the kids get older if not addressed by the parent or caregiver.  If its not being addressed as bullying but being dismissed as “being kids” however other kids (peers of the same age) are interpreting it as bullying – then it’s clearly sending a message that bullying on a small scale is fine and acceptable behavior.  I mean if the parents/caregivers don’t feel it necessary to point out that – “those words” (“I don’t like  you – you are not my friend because you won’t play my game (or whatever)” and “No one wants you to be there friend”/”You are not allowed to be our friend”) are hurtful, mean and very real to the kids on the receiving end, how are the (bullies) kids  supposed to know when to draw the line? Its my belief that  kids are not born bullies but behavior is learned and that includes words.  If this peer interaction is okay with the parents in the primary grades – then when do they feel justified in stepping in as the children get older, take more for granted and feel more entitled?   Its my belief that addressing the bullying situation needs to be dealt with early and not just brushed off as “its what kids do” – if all parents/caregivers felt the same way – I wonder how far that would go in helping to eliminate the bullying cyber, emotional and physical that is prevalent now.  What do you think?

No Bullies About it- Roasted Chicken 2 Ways.

I make Roasted Chicken or Turkey at a higher temperature then many do – I find that it keeps the meat juicer and tender try it!    I also do not baste my birds I truly do not find it to make any difference in the taste and at the higher temperature you get nice crispy browned skin!  I do not cover my chicken when roasting.

Cooking Directions
(These are all using a 3LB Unstuffed Chicken – adjust time for larger birds) Roast at 425 for 1hr + (depending on your oven) 5-25 min.  Or until an internal temperature taken in the meaty part of the thigh is 180 degrees Remove from oven.  Cover with tinfoil and allow to rest (juices to retract) for 10 min before carving.


Melt butter, add thyme, rosemary and garlic rub into skin. Roast according to directions above.  If you like gravy, add some water or homemade chicken stock to bottom of roasting pan when cooking.  Hint: Add balsamic vinegar to your stock  for a thicker yummy  tasting gravy.

Red Chicken

The title sounds weird but this is a fantastic recipe to try if you are watching your saturated fats.  The chicken is roasted with the skin on, but the spice is applied between the skin and the meat – so it is absorbed by the meat while roasting, and not dried out.  The skin is discarded previous to serving.

In a small bowl mix to form a paste:

Zest from  lime
2 TB juice from the lime ( do not throw out the rind)
1 TB chili powder
1 TB paprika (smoked is really nice)
1 TB oregano
1 Tsp minced garlic (or to taste)
1 tsp salt
Once you have formed this into a paste, make a small slit in the skin by the opening to the cavity inside and slide the paste in the pocket you have created and rub all over meat.   Place the lime rinds (quartered) into the cavity of the bird.  Roast breast side up according to directions above – discard skin previous to carving.

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