Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind for Life

Whew – so sorry for the lapse in time between posts folks!  I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for the Mardi Gras Fundraiser my business was hosting, the there was a death in the family and to top it all off I was re-creating my branding, launching, my line of sauces and my completely overhauling my business website!   Tonight on Family Day in Ontario as well as various other provinces in Canada I thought I would take a breather and write a short note (which turned into a really, really long one)  on some of the things in the last month that I have come to realize are just as important to have in your life as some of the biggies.  Ok, so I already knew some of these but in my whirlwind month, as trite as it sounds I really have come to realize how important a couple of these are.   So here it goes – my top 10.

My Top 10 Important Things – in no particular order. 

  1. To cry or not to cry  – I choose cry.  Sure there’s the old laugh, out loud (everyone knows this) but just as important – cry out loud – and let someone know you are hurting.  A kind word, a pat on the back or a hug can sometimes mean the difference between being completely discouraged and healing and moving forward.
  2. Work outside the box.  Don’t be afraid to look outside the box and look (preferably local), for your solution … I recently came across this when trying to come up with my logo, I had a vision of sorts in my head but the quotes I was getting to action it  – and not even exactly what I was looking for were unbelievably expensive – hence I was putting off the decision  and getting more and more discouraged. I finally happened to look up at the store front I was parking at and went “Duh” and did the V8 bop to my own head – Lost Anchor Tattoo Parlour – Hello!  Instead of trying to convey what I wanted to a graphic artist – this is what Tattooers Do!    Walked in and met Ryan Howe artist extraordinaire. Big Love to Ryan – in 10 min he captured exactly what I was looking for and more!  If you are looking for some Sailor Jerry Style pinup girl, Rat Fink  or monster art – he is your man.  (If you are looking for Tiki or other Rat Fink, or Pinstriping – my husbands your man (Jeppa Kustoms – shameless plug lol) … well he’s my man – but I am willing to share 🙂
  3. Hook up with old friends – its always good just to sit and listen or chat about nothing and laugh – sometimes its the stress reliever you need!  They also may offer an outside perspective to something that you never thought of.
  4. Share your worries with others in alike situations.  Same thing as above – sometimes it just helps to chat about it with someone that knows and can emphasize to put things into perspective – ‘nough said.
  5. Recognize the good in you –  and in others write a list of the things that you like about yourself.  Sounds weird right?  Ok, try this – ask your partner or your close circle of friends (not the other people in line at the supermarket – they may just look at you weird – on the other hand its probably a good way to get through the lineup quicker) – say there are 5 of you that hang out – not necessarily daily – although it could be – each of you write down 5 or 10 characteristics that they admire and like about the other 4 people – including you.  One person is allotted to gather responses – I would give them overnight to do it so you don’t get dumb answers, and compile them by person – so Amy sheet would have all the nice things that everyone said about Amy on it, as would Jills, Bobs, Ricks etc…. you don’t have to credit the author – just a list.  Share if you care to. Keep it with you somewhere – when you are feeling down you can look at and realize that there are people that care and do admire you.  Ok, so I cheated with this –  I didn’t actually do this with my friends – back when I worked in the corporate world I worked in a couple of really dysfunctional teams that had to work together.  You know the kind – where everyone talks about how little the other team member does, how dumb they are blah, blah – I couldn’t stand working in that environment so asked the manager at the time if I could do this team building exercise with everyone  (I got the idea from an old email story that went around a few years back about a solider that had been killed in WW2 (I think) that still had the list in his pocket that the teacher made them do about their classmates in grade 3 or something) – You know what – it worked!! Sometimes just by changing the focus of how you are thinking  about someone – allows you some empathy into their situation.  A few years later I came aboard as a Manager of a similarly dysfunctional team at another company – you know what – it worked there too!  In both instances employees chose to post them on their cubical walls.
  6. Reach Out (or rather 5B)  if you need more help -get it there are lots of options out there – depending on what you need from hypnotherapy, counselling, physiologists, your local pastor or priest, your doctor, help lines or other not for profit groups like Nar-Anon, Grief or Brerevment Counselling etc.  Just. Reach. Out.
  7. Do something for pure fun. Build a snowman with (or without) the kids!  Make them into funny characters, toboggan (ok so I live in Canada – and we finally got some snow – can you tell???)  Go see or rent a silly movie with someone else that likes  the same type thing! I recently went to see One for the Money- based on the Stephaine Plum series by Janet Evanovich – with a friend of mine who also loves the series, that I hadn’t seen in many many (like we figured 1988) years other than on Facebook – we loved it – we may have been the only people laughing (it got bad reviews) but it followed the craziness  and fun of the books to a T and we both throughally enjoyed ourselves.
  8. Plan some down time into your day – you know the old adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (OK I have creepy flashes of the Shining in my head now) – schedule a lunch break – a coffee break – a yoga break a- go read break (no really do that one it is really funny) and just relax for 15 min – your body will love you for it, and more importantly – in the long run – you will love you for it.
  9. Do something nice for somebody – without seeking credit – buy the car behind you in the Tim Horton’s line a coffee. Help a stranger carry the groceries to their car. Smile at the clerk that everyone is giving a hard time to at the store, look her/him in the eye and wish them a nice or better day …. and mean it.
  10. Try something new.  Doesn’t have to be sky diving – or roller derby (although that would shake things up I am sure) – it can be as simple as try a new recipe, a new meat, a new veggie, a new route to work, a new restaurant.  You never know how something a little different may affect your perspective.
In Conclusion my recipe today is a simple one.  It doesn’t neccessarily nourish your body but it does your soul.  And that’s important too. 
Life can be boring – shake it up, love yourself, love others, be strong enough to be weak, and let others in.  Shake well, pour into a tall glass and serve with a side of humor.
Have a great one everybody – and don’t forget to like my blog & tell me what you think!


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