Boo-licious Halloween

Just a quick one today – with a 4 yr old and a 5yr at home Halloween is one busy day/night!  Tonight’s dinner is in the oven roasting – made up of leftovers – but Halloween-a -fied …

We had some left overs that we had to use up – roasted sweet potatoes, onions  and apples roasted in apple juice (bought from my local farmer friends), some mashed potatoes from the other night, some asparagus and some local ground beef.  (I love my farmers friends!)- Oh and some of my homemade BBQ sauce

What to do..what to do – well shepherd’s pie of course!  How to Halloween-ify it?  By making Shepherd’s Pie Ghosts and Pumpkins!

1/2 of the browned ground beef got mixed with my BBQ Sauce, then poured into muffin tins.  I stuck all the apples, sweet potato and onions into my mixer and had that mix until smooth (ish).  Put the sweet potato mixture into a bag, cut the corner and applied to the top of the BBQ/Beef mixture like you would ice a cupcake.  Chopped up some of the left over asparagus and made stems out of it.
Voila – new recipe and Halloween -ified (I’ll let you know how it tastes later – right now I can smell that it will taste good!

Second batch of ground beef got mixed with gravy, sage, thyme, and my other “secret” ingredients for shepherds’ pie . Topped with corn, and then applied the left over mashed potatoes in the same manner, then used more corn for ghost eyes.

Baked them all over 40 mins at 350.

Happy spook-alicious Halloween!


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