Back to Booty Camp

Well after taking a year and a half (should I actually admit that out loud?) hiatus  from working out regularly (ya the Pilates or TaeBoe DVDs once in a blue moon just doesn’t cut it) I decided to bite the bullet and do what I preach, join a class and get back into gear….

Perfect timing – a friend of mine was looking for a 5th person to join Booty Camp Fitness to get a group discount.  I jumped at it.

I’m not new to Booty Camp Fitness with @Royallyfit – I’ve taken classes before with the Elite Drill Instructor Ashley.  So what was I thinking?

Great workout – came home pumped, ate my post workout snack – boiled egg (sorry @Sammiekennedy I ate the yolk as well as the white- baby steps)) and a tomato (and 2 strawberries – but do they really count? #yes)

However I did not have a epsom salt bath – I know this is a good idea – like I said I have had my ass kicked worked out with Ashley before – so why, why, WHY? did I not do that?  Instead, I am gearing up to stiffen up during the day (Yes I will be cursing Ashley and all her damn jumping squats and lunges when my glutes are on fire trying to do crazy things like sitting down …. )

Stiffness aside I forgot how much I miss working out – (wow I said that out loud?) and can hardly wait till my next class on Weds night …. even if I have to crawl there!

Today I thought I would share a couple of interesting facts from my Booty Camp Fitness Book (written by Sammie Kennedy)

Exercise                                 Calories Burned in 30 min

Boot Camp                                    350

Jogging                                           300

Swimming                                       230

Bicycling                                          300

Volleyball                                         150

and my fave:   Sex (yup you read that one right!)   S – E – X    60 mins 200 calories  woo hoo – hows that for an exercise that you truly will  enjoy 🙂

So grab your family go for a bike ride, or a swim or play a game of tag  then put the kids to be and grab your partner for a little more fun   exercise.

Until next time friends, enjoy, have fun and have lots of sex errr, I mean exercise  🙂


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